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I need someone to talk to


When someone ask you,
“How are you feeling?”
But don’t wait for the answer.
Do they really care?

Sometimes they shoot questions.
Never waiting for an answer.
Just prattling away unaware.
Do they do it on purpose?

I see their mouths open; close.
I hear words spoken to me.
Yet, they are somewhere else.
Their eyes give them away.

They are my friends; family.
I cannot be certain they care.
Care enough to listen to me?
For I need someone to talk to.

I am over burdened; drowning.
A hug would sooth my worries.
But I spot their disinterest.
I dare not ask for a hug.

It is the Black Hat I wear.
Always. I fear I overuse.
I see the false concern.
I withdraw, smiling.

By C.E. Pereira