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God has heard His children weep


We are all fallible. We sin.
We are known to hide in shame.
Our priest hears our confessions.
We sigh, our sins forgiven.

So, how do I justify my anger?
Of wanting these perverts to pay.
Of seeking to imprison them.
When I too am fallible.

There must be accountability.
A vile sin has been committed.
It musn’t be justified.
Children have been defiled.

Do I sound judgemental?
I pray not. But I speak up.
What was hidden is exposed.
God has heard His children weep.

Wake up you good clergy.
See these children’s horror.
Don’t go on burying your head.
The monster is in your midst.

I take solace in my anger.
My conscience is aware.
God’s most trusted have sinned.
Like Lucifer they must be cast out.

By C.E. Pereira