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Sharing this Steamboat meal


We are the “Jalan-Jalan” group.
The walk about or walking partners.
And weekend trips to try out food.
Food and food, a big motivator.

Yesterday, we tossed the Yee Sang.
A fellowship of Chinese culture.
A steamboat feast awaited.
Of two cook-it-yourself hot pots.

Into the hot pots lots of stuff.
Fish Maw, fishballs and quails egg.
Yee Mee, glass noodles and Mee Hoon.
Pork Wontan, Shabu-shabu and Abolone.

Much more ingredients simmering.
Into the chicken soup and Tomyam.
Spicy and non spicy with dipping sauce.
The palate tasting flavours of fusion.

Laughter and conversations.
Of sharing this steamboat meal.
We of the same religion, different races.
Enjoying Chinese New Year too.

By C.E. Pereira