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I can almost taste my escape


Clang! Clang! No…
Please God, I cried.
Yet, I knew. I failed.
I am still a prisoner.

I was so close to freedom.
Until the bell rang.
I’ll try again tonight.
I cannot give up. I won’t.

Sunlight streamed inside.
Through the window bars.
Time was in slow motion.
Dragging on until lights out.

I held my dreamcatcher.
I chanted the ancient text.
The magic weaved its spell.
And the cell walls vanished.

Hurry! There is not much time.
I heard the dream master say.
Tune your mind to the dreamscape.
Meld it to the dreamcatcher.

I’m in the dreamscape again.
Vibrant colours. Fields. Homes.
The story emerging. Almost.
Hurry! My heartbeat doubled.

The wind ruffles my hair.
I run as fast as I can.
I can almost taste my escape.
Then I’m yanked back.

Into the fog. Falling.
Clang! No…no! Clang!
The cell walls closing in.
Prison bars mocking me.

By C.E. Pereira