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My Treasure Trove


Every couple of years I go through my bookshelves and pack up my books in storage boxes, mainly the ones I most probably won’t read again. Space management is crucial in any Library.

Recently, I came across some storage boxes marked comics. I went through them and found that the comics were from the 1960s to the 1980s. Then it dwindles down in the 1990s.


These boxes had comics of Archie, Romance, War, Superheroes, Suspense, Calvin and Hobbes, Mystery, Casper, Richie Rich, Christian, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and many, many more.


I have two boxes of the Archie collection, mostly of Betty and Veronica Digest and Jughead Jones Digest. These were during the 1980s and 1990s. I can honestly say I’ve outgrown them now, hence I’ve stopped buying them. But I still want to keep them.

The war comics in my collection are mostly reprints. It’s a compilation of twelve in a book. These sit on my bookshelve while the singles are stored away.

Most of my romance comics are by Women’s Weekly. A few of my romance comics are from the 1970s by DC and Marvel Comics. I was trilled to see the late Stan Lee’s name on these comics. The master of Superheroes had a soft spot for romance.


My superhero comics is a hodgepodge. I don’t have a favourite. But if I had to choose one it would be Superman. In the boxes there were Daredevil, Batman, Superman, Aquaman, Metal Men, Spiderman and some more.


My school girl collection were mainly made up of Jinty, Mandy, Tammy, June and Misty.  The annuals still have a place on my bookshelves. Every weekend I’d cycle to the neighbourhood shop and get my Jinty comic. The shopkeeper always kept aside one copy for me without fail.

In all these comics that I have read, the message is ‘Good will always defeat evil’. It has moral values that I find lacking in todays’ comics. Sorry if it offends anyone but DC Comics making Jesus Christ into a superhero is sacrilegious to my religious believes.

It is sad that this comic is going to be launched soon. I’ll never read this but children out there will be reading this and they will grow up not knowing truth from fiction.


I kind of went off track just now. Coming back to these boxes of my comics, I realised that my collection hasn’t one theme but lots of different ones. In a nutshell, these comics are my treasure trove.

By C.E. Pereira