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The faithful servant


Place aside the bad apples.
Let’s sing of the faithful.
Of good clergy getting stained.
Lumped in the barrel of bad.

We call on Michael the Archangel.
And on each and every faithful.
Seive out the bad ones.
And walk with the good ones.

Consecrated celibacy is a sacriface.
Of what’s most precious to offer.
A wholesome commitment to God.
It’s not for everyone; indeed not.

Can you see the saints of past?
Their lives of vowed celibacy.
Wholesome and inspiring to others.
Like Mother Teresa; John Paul II.

The vow of celibacy is for life.
Is it a leap of faith or trust?
To answer God’s call to serve.
It’s a voccation, it’s not a job.

By C.E. Pereira