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This is just my crazy dream


My heart desires the impossible.
A picturesque cottage for a home.
Instead of an ordinary terrace house.
My heart continues to hope.

Unless I strike it rich,
the cottage is but a dream.
But then, in dreams my heart
already has the cottage.

The waking world battles the sleeping.
The dreamer caught in its dream web.
Here, the battle against awakening.
But night will pass, the cottage fades.

Have I fallen into this pit?
Wanting more than what I have.
Am I one who’s never satisfied?
Chasing for what’s out of reach.

I have this picture perfect image.
Of a cottage with acres of land.
Surrounded by trees and rolling hills.
To sit in the quiet and watch sunsets.

This is just my crazy dream.
I am already so blessed in life.
But my selfish desires awakens
a longing, a craving, a demand.

By C.E. Pereira