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My most treasured


Two days ago was my special day.
No fanfare, an ordinary day.
Wishes sent electronically.
I smiled at each received.

This is one that I’ll remember.
Eventhough I spent it alone.
The day buzzed with messages.
Kept me smiling and loved.

I turn back the pages.
Through the years I recapture.
The milestones that are mine.
I have only a handful I cherish.

At age nine I received
my first birthday present.
A blue dress with white polka dots
which my Dad sewed for me.

My next birthday gift
was at age sixteen.
A cake with candles lit.
Happy Birthday sung to me.

A disco party at age twenty one.
Lots of presents and dancing.
All my family and friends smiling.
The party ended at the wee hours.

I was speechless at age twenty eight.
Such a delight, a surprise birthday.
A Garfield cake. Garfield gifts.
My crazy age of Garfields.

That big one when I turned fifty.
Did I want a party like everyone else?
No. I went on a-walk-about in Australia.
I celebrated God’s gift of nature.

These are my most cherished.
Ones that recapture my memories.
So fleeting, my yesterdays.
These, my most treasured.

By C.E. Pereira