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And I wanted to cry


I held a shopping bag.
Light was shining through.
I took a peek inside.
What a surprise indeed.

Bright twinkling stars.
So many yet not heavy.
I reached into the bag.
And found myself falling.

But I did not wake up.
Instead, I travelled beyond.
I will not be afraid.
I will enjoy the stars.

Brightness in this black void.
The Earth was no where.
I looked and looked.
This space had no Earth.

Only brightness in darkness.
Was heaven up here?
Why me? Here, and now!
There was no one to ask.

I have to touch one.
I reached out and touched.
I was standing in the mall.
The shopping bag… empty.

How long was I gone?
Maybe, I never left.
I looked into the bag again.
And I wanted to cry.

By C.E. Pereira