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Each toy took me home


Of Christmas past.
I look back, remembering.
As I sit on my front porch.
I see my childhood Christmasses.

It is the presents I remember.
A nostalgic of those toys.
Of opening the Christmas wrapper.
And the joy of getting a toy.

The toys through the years.
A toy each Christmas.
From Dad and Mum.
I remember each toy received.

A piano, not an actual one.
A racing car with pull back action.
A dog on wheels with a leash to pull.
A compedium of six games.

A tea-set, a pistol, a bow and arrow.
A baby doll, a train set, wooden alphabets.
Badminton rackets with plastic shuttlecocks.
And table tennis bats made by Dad.

The excitement on Christmas Eve.
Waiting for Father Christmas.
Trying to keep awake; falling asleep.
Waking up. A present on Christmas morn.

Each toy took me home.
To a child’s happy moments.
Christmas Carols on the radio.
And the whiff of sugee cakes.

By C.E. Pereira