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Her love was not back


Take my heart.
It is yours to keep.
Tears in her eyes,
She saw him leap.

He landed softly.
Like the panther he was.
She, safe up on the tree.
Afraid for him.

He kept her safe.
From her perch she saw.
He sprinted fast.
Drawing them away.

She heard gunshots.
Fading into the distance.
She climbed down.
And headed for the cave.

Her babies were safe.
Hungry. Waiting to be fed.
She kissed her babies.
Keeping them warm
as they suckled.

Green eyes glowing.
Scaning the darkness.
The instinct to attack.
To survive. To protect.

She waited; afraid.
Her love was not back.
Hunted by poachers.
Risking his life for them.

By C.E. Pereira