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A parent’s constant worry

Is there a right or wrong way?
Spare the rod and spoil the child.
How to bring up a child?
A parent’s constant worry.

My parents were of the old school.
Discipline and manners we learned.
Respect always for our elders.
The rod not spared, the child learned.

Most important was common sense.
To stop, to think, before you leap.
By their example I learned well.
A positive value I continue to use in life.

Then there is ‘Resilience’.
It is not a trait that you have or don’t.
It’s the ability to adapt well,
To adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats.

When trials come your way.
Show them how to be resilience.
Then when life throws a curve ball,
They can cope after the fact.

Teach them to do good; to be kind
To have empathy and compassion.
Children need examples to learn by.
Be that example. Live by example.

By C.E. Pereira