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Talking to God

Martha, Martha, you fret and worry over many things
Only one is necessary and Mary has chosen the better part.
And it will not be taken from her.

Merle, Merle, you fret and worry over many things
Only one is necessary, said the little voice within me.
Choose now dear Merle, My choice of you
Or fret and worry eternally.

Hustle and bustle, worldly noises, worldly voices.
Spoke to me enticing, calling, filling my spaces.
Music, so fulfilling, singing so thrilling, and reading oh reading!
So to fill my days, but I fret and worry, worry without ending.

Again that little small voice, “choose, choose, there is My choice
What hinders you? Dear Child of my Heart”?
“Remember you did not choose Me. I chose you, Now what?”
Fret and worry eternally ? I will always do My part.”

Fear not, I am here always, I will never leave you.
I know I am free to choose, Lord. You let me be free.
That little voice gnaws at my heart, how can I not hear Thee?
You did not choose Me, I chose you. I chose you from all eternity.

I made my choice over 50 years ago. No regrets, when I look back
You kept your promise, You were always here, in me,
and I tried to keep mine, through pain and solitude,
In the depths of me.

No pain, no gain. Not for gain I follow you, Lord, but simply
Cos You chose me, You love me and I love you.
The pain Lord, you felt it too, your dear Mother, at home.
This pain I feel it too, sometimes, when I feel so alone.

I felt it in my earlier years, less in between.
I admit Lord, my days were full of fret and worry. In this “in between”
I am drawing closer to you and loving you more, now,
Spending precious time with you

You, Lord are still loving me, You have shown me this
My retreat, adhered me to You, hold me Lord,
Your choice is bliss.
Let me tell you o, Love, and you will always understand

Fay is my sis, I love her too, she never fails to remind me
Our choices, must always STAND.
Love her Lord.
My lovely sister, Fay.


I'm a Eurasian of Portuguese, English, Scottish and Malay heritage. And my extended family are of Chinese and Indian heritage. In recent years, the younger generation have added on to include spouses from the Philippines, Nigeria and Russia. My world is made up of different colours like the rainbow. And like the rainbow I am unique. Reading is my form of relaxation, to escape from the drudgery of daily life and enter into a world of the imagination. It is the love of reading that has led me to try my hand in writing short stories and poems. I hope that in some way my stories and poems will take you for a little while away from the drudgery of the present into the pages of imagination. To new friends found, I bid you, Welcome. Sincerely, C.E. Pereira

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