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This offer, a shame

An offer was made.
The Offer to retire early.
The boss chooses the names.
The option to accept or not.

Terms offered were very lame.
A small piece of a pie.
There is much to lose.
I choose to decline.

Of benefits forfeited.
Number of years served
is now null and void.
What’s left will not last.

How long before retirement?
They calculated the months.
A quarter of the pie.
Such a small portion.

Yet, five years ago,
another offer was made.
On a voluntary basis,
The choice mine to make.

Two-thirds of a pie.
An offer that was fair.
My name was retracted.
I was still an asset.

Three decades worked.
Now, this penalty.
Am I seen as a liability?
This offer is shameful.

By C.E, Pereira