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View from the window

Listen, and you will hear.
The gurgling of the stream.
Leaves rustling in the wind.
The humming vibes of life.

Excited squeals heard.
Screams of laughter echoes.
Children in their happy moments.
The playground their wonderland.

I look, I see. Full of life.
Life thriving. Growing.
From my little corner,
I listen and I watch.

My world outside the window.
A lifeline to my sanity.
A body broken; just a shell.
I watch the world from the window.

Tuning into my surroundings.
Of hidden beauty in sight.
The march of the ants.
Along the windowsill.

I hear the wind.
In the rustle of leaves.
I feel the breeze.
Caressing my skin.

The murmur of voices.
The hum of words spoken.
All else is silent for now.
I can hear my heartbeat.

Footsteps headed my way.
It is time. I hear the nurse.
I have to leave my little corner.
I will come back tomorrow, hopefully.

By C.E. Pereira