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The last to go home

You are the last to go.
At peace now, you’re home.
Joining your brothers and sisters.
Number twelve is in heaven.

At the grand old age of 94.
He called your soul home.
With a happy sigh you went.
Eleven smiling faces in welcome.

No more shackles of dementia.
Of suffering and pain gone.
Your soul in the house of the Lord.
The promise of eternal life.

This I believe – eternal life.
That Heaven is our home.
Our body will one day die.
While our soul will live forever.

In the book is written.
From the first to the last.
All your names inked forever.
I too write your names down.

Raine N/A; Nandy 1956; Claire 1976;
Tony 1976; Ethel 1999; Bertie 1999;
Thelma 1980; Hilda 1985; Charlie 1996;
Rita 2006; Leonie 2010; and Phyllis 2017.

(In loving memory of my Aunty Phyllis 1923-2017,
sister to my father Tony 1917-1976.)

By C.E. Pereira