An instinct within

First impressions.
A person oozes signals.
Either calm or unease.
This is strongly felt.

Call it a sixth sense.
A bad vibe felt.
But not all is bad.
Good vibes radiates.

An instinct within.
Like a radar.
Spotting evil.
A gut feeling.

This sense a gift.
Can sometimes be cursed.
Reading cross signals.
In between a shiver or warmth.

To draw back.
Not to touch.
Yet a hand shake.
A dirty feeling.

Wanting to wipe.
Contamination felt.
To wash the hands.
Is this being paranoid?

Good vibes of peace.
To extend your hand.
Joy radiates outwards.
The hand clasped is warm.

How do I explain?
These different vibes.
Each person projects.
Their aura I touch.

By C.E. Pereira


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