The spoiler

A noise maker.
Full of complains.
In a loud voice.
Not silent. It pains.

Watch the signs.
Bulging veins.
A distorted face.
Anger. Turns ugly.

A finger pointer.
Ready to blame.
Disgusts spews out.
The receiver cringes.

Spoiling moments.
Killing enjoyment.
Call them spoilers.
A name that fits.

A day in their company.
It pains.
Negative vibes.
In full reign.

There’s no switch.
None to shut off.
Curses heard.
Such disdains.

To be embarrassed.
This uncouth voice.
This spoiler.
A dense personality.

A runaway mouth.
With high volume.
Not caring.
Hurting others.

A voice loud.
One cringes.
Getting away.
Is it impossible?

By C.E. Pereira


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