Envy sneaks in

Grass that is greener.
A sun that shines brighter.
Meadows dotted with farms.
Life’s painting on canvas.

Envy sneaks in slowly.
Wanting this painting.
To have touched this.
The heart drawn to it.

Open space; farm land.
Slow pace; no hurrying.
Peaceful; quiet of noise.
Sheep bray; cows moo.

From a storybook so familiar.
This picture jumps out.
Envy tarnishing the landscape.
Its green horns showing.

High on the cliffs,
The view breathtaking.
Crushing waves, churning sea.
The ocean a sapphire blue.

To envy this place.
Where the grass is greener.
The prick of discord felt.
Envy spreads like poison.

By C.E. Pereira


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