I am a Eurasian in Malaysia.
Yet my race is always mistaken.
My surname raises questions.
A Pereira in Malaysia.

Pereira, a common surname.
In Portuguese means ‘pear tree’.
A variation in spelling too.
Perera; Pereiro; Pereire; etc.

My race is seldom guessed.
Mistaken for a Chinese, Indian.
No, Hindustani…uh….Pakistani.
I smile. I am mixed.

I, the Portuguese Pereira.
Then, there’s other Pereiras.
The Malayalees; the Sinhalese.
They too with same surname.

The name Pereira is famous.
A capital city in Colombia.
A Portuguese parish in Portugal.
And a road name in KL ’80s.

A blend of flavours.
Mixture of English, Scots.
Stirred in with Malay.
And grounded in Portuguese.

You say a famous name?
A popular name.
Or a common name.
Yeah…it’s my surname.

By C.E. Pereira


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