My heart still beats

Giddy with love.
That was how I felt.
Falling in love.
Was it puppy love?

I, a teenager in love
Stardust in my eyes.
I dreamed of him.
I dreamed of wedding bells.

I drew doodles.
Hearts, and more hearts.
Mine and his initials.
With Cupid’s arrow.

This was my fairytale.
My prince charming.
But happy endings are rare.
And hearts can be broken.

One day at a party.
He danced with another.
A look of desire flashed.
And he broke my heart.

Watching love bloom.
As mine became ashes.
I hid my hurt well.
My tears he didn’t see.

Young love, puppy love.
My heart still broke.
Rejected love hurts.
My heart still beats.

By C.E. Pereira


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