Seeking comfort

Of pancakes for breakfast
Dripping with Maple syrup
A cup of hot coffee
The nights web disperses

Of a cup of vanilla ice-cream
Scooping each spoonful
Savouring with delight
The days work forgotten

Of sweet green grapes
With a tinge of sourness
A bottle of white wine shared
While soft music, sighs covered

Of sour mangoes
With a tinge of sweetness
A mango lassi for dessert
After a spicy Indian meal

A tall glass of ice water
The first sip of pleasure
The clink of ice-cubes heard
On hot sunny days, a delight

And the favourite hot cocoa
A comfort on raining days
Or an afternoon tea-time
With hot lemon tea and English scones.

The day’s drudgery can change
If one seeks what comforts
Relax, eat and drink.
My world tilts right again.

By C.E. Pereira


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