A walk in the rainforest

Through the rainforest.
Along man-made paths.
A gradual incline, signs to guide.
Benches to rest, lots I see.

A thriving rainforest, alive.
This is my backyard, yet alien.
Sunlight hardly gets through.
Trees that have stood here forever.

Thick undergrowth and vines flourish.
Giant mushroom hmm… toadstools.
Blue ferns and grape-like pods.
In awe of giant vines and huge roots.

I take a boat ride into the rainforest.
The canopy of treetops over the river.
The water shallow and crystal clear.
The boat zigzags, avoiding rocks.

The rainforest is not quiet.
Birds, crickets; armies of ants.
Tigers and tapirs? None in sight.
Hidden behind shadows, watching.

From the path, the forest unthreatening.
Step off the path a change begins.
Trees begin to look-a-like.
Lost, the forest becomes threatening.

Nature from tame to dangerous.
The path keeps nature at bay.
Beyond the path, “All is, as is”.
Stay the path don’t wander off.

By C.E. Pereira


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