I sing of God’s angels

I shout with joy silently.
A song spring in my heart.
I see the wonders of God.
Of nature in its splendour.

Yet, not all is beauty.
Of poverty seen in slums.
The homeless and destitute.
Faces that show helplessness.

My heart sings of hope.
Of those feeding the homeless.
God’s work carried out quietly.
The giver, an angel of mercy.

I am humbled.
Good deeds done silently.
God’s angel shine brightly.
Tirelessly helping, no complains.

God’s wonder in mankind.
The strong helping the weak.
Loving hands reaching out.
Making burdens light; carrying them.

I sing of God’s angels.
They walk among us.
Their light burns bright.
For God they work.

By C.E. Pereira


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