We look different


We all have labels. True.
We tag ourselves; others tag us.
Misfits among perfection.
Should labels or tags define us?

The colour of one’s skin is compared.
Fair or dark complexions are judged.
Look beyond colour, look deeper inside.
One’s true colour is beneath the skin.

A beautiful face, a homey one.
Drawn to beauty, the other overlooked.
At first sight can be deceived; or not.
Internal beauty is felt not seen.

Don’t be in haste to judge.
An open mind, free of prejudice.
We are not perfect, look beyond.
Night and day; we look different.

By C.E. Pereira


6 thoughts on “We look different”

  1. It’s always the list, to which we are enrolled, that defines us, that preludes our identity. It’s the law of practical world. But it’s a mature mind who breaks that stereotype and takes you as who you are, inspite of being aware of the type of list from which you are.
    Night and day we are different, we are unique, just look beyond. A good read 😀

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