This is who I am, Eurasian


Today, the world is accepting.
Mixed parentage no more a stigma.
A child follows the father’s race.
Not labeled Eurasian, Amerasian, etc.

Do I envy these new generation?
No! I cannot be what I’m not.
I come from generations of Eurasians.
This is my race, I am Eurasian.

When the world labeled us Eurasians,
a new race emerged from this stigma.
Just like the rainbow that forms,
after the rain cleanses the earth.

Our ancestors weathered the stigma.
Rejected and tagged for being different.
From them this strong race emerged.
An inheritance. I will not give it up.

The mirror shows a face unique.
Not fully this, not fully that.
It’s Eurasian, mixed then, mixed now.
This is my race, this is who I am.

Eurasian in Malay is “Serani”.
Which would you choose to be defined as?
To stay with Eurasian …. or not.
To change to “Serani” …. or not.

Is our identity in peril of being lost?
Can a majority vote decide this change?
What if I am not in favour?
This is who I am, Eurasian, then and now.

By C.E. Pereira