Without doubt I need God


God is my strength.
There is no doubt about that.
When my burden is too heavy,
He carries it while I rest.

My enemies are envious.
They continue to attack me.
Fear won’t control, I call God.
Trusting he will defend me.

Am I pious? No.
I sin. I say sorry to God.
I talk to God.
I take my problems to Him.

God is my strength.
Even when I don’t understand,
I leave it in God’s hands.
I lean on His strength.

When anger takes control.
I cannot find God.
I think He has left me.
He hasn’t. I have left Him.

Am I pious? No.
I sin. I push God away.
I lose my way. I cry to God.
Without doubt I need God.

By C.E. Pereira