Year of the Rooster

Lots of red lanterns suspended from the ceiling of a shopping mall.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! To wish in Mandarin.
Means a Happy Chinese New Year.
The Rooster struts in.
As the Monkey swings out.

A lantern decoration at a shopping mall.

Red, the tradition for good luck.
To receive red Ang Pow – $ in red packets.
Of red lanterns strung up.
In malls, homes and lining the streets.

The yee sang ready to be tossed.
After tossing the yee sang. Looks so delicious. I am ready to eat.

The traditional Yee Sang toss.
With chopsticks we toss-up the Yee Sang.
With wishes for health, prosperity.
For happiness, peace and all things good.

The Rooster with the Phoenix in the background decorating a shopping mall.

So many cultures; so many festivals.
Of different races; of different religions.
Chinese New Year now;  coming up is Thaipusam.
I am indeed fortunate; surrounded with such richness.

By C.E. Pereira


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