I had the chance of Bungee Jumping.
I didn’t do it. I was afraid.
One of my regrets, yet I still fear.
The rope breaking, me plunging to my death.

How often have I used this excuse.
I am afraid! I was afraid!
Fear is healthy. It means I am human.
Yet, if fear overtakes us…

A friend sleepless, if close to the sea.
The sound of crushing waves brings fear.
Another fears a night in a castle.
Of seeing or encountering a ghost.

The phobia of being afraid constantly.
Of letting fear rule your day.
Living in constant fear is paralysing,
if you let the clutches of fear take over.

What is more frightening,
growing old and being alone,
or growing old and being homeless?
It hasn’t happened, yet fear sets in.

Possibilities that causes fear.
What if’s that magnifies fears.
An active imagination feeding fear.
If you open the door, fear takes over.

By C.E. Pereira


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