Sight covered in fog


I felt her pain. Excruciating.
Her translucent veins pierced.
Skin like ancient parchment.
If I could, I would take her pain.

I felt helpless; I stood rigid.
I clenched my fist; glaring.
If only looks could kill.
Eyes closed, I heard her keening.

Two types of dyes injected.
Camera shots taken, continuous.
Its results bring bad news.
Further degeneration to the eyes.

She dreads what is to follow.
Indescribable pain to the eyes.
She wants to stop treatment.
But without this she will go blind.

How do I tell her to bear the pain?
As I have not felt such pain.
She knows treatment cannot be stopped.
Or it will end in total darkness.

By C.E. Pereira


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