Will there be echos left by me?


Life enters the world, then it cries.
Minutes of life already taken away.
Time is lost, the world a borrowed home.
I will leave one day, will echoes remain?

A thousand years from now,
will there be echoes left by me?
For just a moment time freezes.
An echo from a past life is heard.

Déjàvu! Like an echo still heard.
A memory pluck out from nowhere.
My voice is strong now. Alive!
Will I leave behind echoes of me?

Life is speeding. Like a blur.
Days gone, one after the other.
Like a blur, wheels turning. Faster.
I look back, echoes bounce back.

Of old photographs, of family long gone.
Voices at rest, memories faded.
I flip the pages and hear their echoes.
Will someone hear my echoes one day?

By C.E. Pereira