Edgar Anthony Pereira: 1917 – 1976

This morning I lit two candles for my Dad. I said a prayer for him. Then I went about my daily routine of preparing for Christmas. That included shopping.

Throughout the day I remembered moments of that faithful day forty years ago. All the little moments leading up to his time of death. What stands out as clear today as it did then was his acceptance that death had arrived. I watched him make the sign of the cross and saw his lips move in prayer. Then he laid down and without any struggle he took his last breath.

He saw everything as black and white. There were no grey areas. Either it was right or wrong. He was blunt to a fault. He was very strict when it came to our up bringing and education.

And he believed man and woman are equal. A Jack of all trades….he cooked, baked, sewed and was the handyman too. He encouraged me in whatever I set my mind to. I learned basic carpentry, house painting and electrical tinkering from him.

His famous words were “Where is your common sense?” This always prompted me to stop and think first. Yet, I do fail at times and I lose my common sense.

I remember his workingman hands, coarse, tough and strong when he held my hands. He kept me safe, I always felt safe. These are only some of my memories of my Dad which I share with you.

“Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let your perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.”


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