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A light went out


Eulogies at wakes touches the heart.
But the one given by Ewe Jin’s wife,
was heart wrenching.
A goodbye from the heart left behind.

A light went out on Thursday.
And Sundays will never be the same.
With a slight tremour in her voice,
her eulogy made my soul cry,

Her husband was a humble man.
Kind and generous, always giving.
I was fortunate to have had him as my boss.
He always took care of us – his staff.

I wrote a tribute about him.
And forgot about the love he leaves behind.
She who was his caregiver; his spouse.
Who journeyed with him faithfully.

She is a person of great strength.
In sickness, she was with him.
Through four cancer episodes,
she was his caregiver throughout.

More than half their marriage life,
he was fighting the cancer,
and she was caring for him,
their love through sickness and health.

A light went out on Thursday.
She reminds us that we are his legacy.
He’d want us to carry on where he left off.
Don’t let that light die, she says.

By C.E. Pereira