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The mob; the bullies


Their barbs sting with hurt.
Let your expression remain neutral.
No satisfaction should you give.
A stoic expression is all they get.

A mob behaviour in play.
Of bullies reenacting high school.
Alone they are the timid mouse.
In numbers they will terrorize.

Their target is their obsession.
Their venom just as deadly.
The mob takes pleasure in hurting.
Many ways, yet all subtle.

Don’t take the bait.
They wait in hunger.
A mask your best defence.
Bite the tongue; remain quiet.

Didn’t we leave high school behind.
No. It has followed us here.
Such are bullies so arrogant.
They crave to instill terror.

Little barb wires piercing.
Take control to remain passive.
No twitching, facial muscles suppressed.
They cannot know the hurt they cause.

So, no satisfaction is given.
A stoic expression worn.
The mask you hide behind.
No mob, no bullies can tear down.

By C.E. Pereira