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Am I between two worlds?
The world of the unseen I’ve entered.
As invisible I have become, it appears.
Very much alive but treated as dead.

I won’t let them see my hurt.
When they walk by without seeing me.
Their eyes turn deliberately from mine.
Yet words uttered, I didn’t see you.

God sees me. I have to believe this.
Which ever world I have stepped through.
I am unseen to them but God sees me.
I have to believe this, for I see me.

I sense their eyes on me, burning.
Into this place of vipers I find myself.
Always on guard, my leave I cannot take.
They treat me as dead, to break my spirit.

Integrity my valour, I strive for.
I am not perfect but honour is integrity.
The one that lead them gives the order.
Keeping me in the world of the unseen.

I will not be defeated. God is with me.
I call out to anyone I see, I am here.
However invisible I’ve become, I see me.
Someone is bound to see into the unseen.

By C.E. Pereira