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Without memories, winter nights forever


Of memories locked in our minds.
Those that haunt us unceasingly.
And precious ones that sparkle.
Ours through life, unless erased.

The ones that hurt crops up often.
On a happy day, a loved one dead.
Each year a replay takes over.
A sadness descents, memories explodes.

A scent can trigger a memory.
Unprepared, the outcome depends.
Happy ones bring on joy.
Haunting ones bring despair.

Guarded memories, kept secret.
No one knows, no one will ever know.
Locked away, buried deep.
Yet, it still haunts. Still brings despair.

Forever memories are not guaranteed.
They can be erased by virus.
Alzheimer, dementia; the most feared.
Without memories, winter nights forever.

By C.E. Pereira