Dance of the fairies


A gathering in the garden.
Fairies have come to celebrate.
To dance in the moonlight.
Golden dust in silver light.

Lovers are blessed tonight.
Waltzing among the flowers.
Love caressing two hearts.
The fairies have cast their magic.

The clock has struck twelve.
Flacks of gold among moonbeams.
Moonlight floods the garden.
And moon dust covers the lovers.

Wherever gold dust falls,
it awakens the garden.
Flowers bloom, fireflies dance.
A rare sight of fairy homes.

Shadows disperse in the night.
The garden alight, petals dancing.
Fairy dust everywhere.
The lovers locked in embrace.

To stumble onto this magic.
Mesmerized, time stands still.
The fairies dance to pipes.
Haunting music among moonbeams.

By C.E. Pereira


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