A sneaky dog


I went for a haircut this morning.
The hairdresser did fast work.
Less than an hour I was out the door.
Not knowing my morning was going to spice up.

I’d forgotten my umbrella this morning.
But being a cloudy day I was enjoying my walk.
I didn’t meet anyone along the way home.
I rounded a corner and the drama started.

A stray dog was sleeping near one of my neighbours gate.
It heard me and sprang up barking.
I had seen her around the back alley.
And she’d recently had puppies.

I was alert to her every movement.
I kept my distance, she continued barking.
Even when I was ahead of her, I was not relaxed.
As I rounded the corner to my street, I felt her behind me.

I was a tad slow. Before I could turn-a-round, she nipped me.
I stomped my other foot and shouted out loudly.
She let go of my ankle and ran off.
I chased after her, sorry to say, I was swearing.

I was just showing her that I was not afraid.
I was lucky she did not get a good grip.
Just two small punctured shallow holes.
But it still hurt like hell.

It hurt twice as much when I washed the wound.
Then bearing down, I applied antiseptic onto the bite marks.
And off to the clinic for a tetanus shot.
It was still morning but I was already exhausted with the day.

But the day could have been worse.
Did someone hurt this dog; turning her vicious?
If she had sunk her teeth and held on;
I don’t want to dwell on what if….

By C.E. Pereira


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