Have I made an impact in life?


In the past I have visited seaside resorts.
And have always enjoyed my walks on the beach.
The waves crash onto the beach against my feet.
The same waves pulls away from the beach.

My footprints left in the sand while I walk.
Then the waves come crashing onto the beach.
And I watch my footprints get erased.
It leads me to think about my life.

My deeds are my footprints in life.
Have I made an impact in life?
Each day a page of my life is inked.
A record of my deeds penned.

I watch the waves, the tides’ pull.
It erases anything it touches.
When Death arrives, what happens?
Will Death erase the ink from my record?

In life, is the glass half empty,
or is the glass half full?
Will my footprints fade with time…
or footprints that won’t be erased.

Footprints I made along life’s path.
Of life deeds done, its print permanent.
Of not leaving blank pages in the book.
While the half way mark is never half empty.

By C.E. Pereira


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