I said “No”


Misunderstandings; not understanding.
The sound of ducks and chickens.
I say “A”, you say “Z”.
I am not speaking Greek.

A committee was being set up.
A request for me to join.
I declined the invite. I said “No”.
Yet I am included in the group.

How condescending is that?
All my reason given for not joining.
Yet, I find myself in this committee,
of “Quacks” and “Clucks”; not understanding.

I am fuming at being in this group.
What gives others the right?
To ignore my decision.
Or think my decline means “Yes”.

I decide to exit the group. Poof!
Then I delete the group. Poof!
This is as direct as I can get.
Which part do you still not understand?

By C.E. Pereira


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