The Fifth Commandment

(I write this poem because a terminally ill child in Belgium was euthanised in a landmark case.)

A mercy killing.
A dignified death.
A persons right to choose.
It is called Euthanasia.

Euthanasia, Abortion, Suicide.
It is killing.
Whatever name you call it.
It is killing.

Suicide is a sin.
To take ones own life.
Euthanasia is a sin.
To ask someone to take your life.

Abortion. No.
Don’t kill the baby.
Suicide. No.
Don’t kill yourself.

I say killing is a sin.
Yet I am for the Death Penalty.
Heinous crimes of death.
Serial killers must pay.

I say I believe in life.
Easy to be judgmental, yes?
When it’s someone else’s life.
What if it were my life?

Can I be brave?
Awaiting death in agony.
Or will I plead?
And end my life now.

God is the Creator.
Our time of death,
only He knows.
Only His to take.

I believe this.
Life is sacred.
To kill is a mortal sin.
I sound righteous, pious.

But someone is suffering.
In constant agony.
I am not in their shoes.
How can I say it is wrong?

I am sorry for my stand.
But I cannot say otherwise.
I am afraid of my stand.
For I may fail under pressure.

I pray for God’s mercy.
That He not put me to the test.
I pray for God’s strength.
To endure even when I don’t understand.

By C.E. Pereira


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