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The Fifth Commandment

(I write this poem because a terminally ill child in Belgium was euthanised in a landmark case.)

A mercy killing.
A dignified death.
A persons right to choose.
It is called Euthanasia.

Euthanasia, Abortion, Suicide.
It is killing.
Whatever name you call it.
It is killing.

Suicide is a sin.
To take ones own life.
Euthanasia is a sin.
To ask someone to take your life.

Abortion. No.
Don’t kill the baby.
Suicide. No.
Don’t kill yourself.

I say killing is a sin.
Yet I am for the Death Penalty.
Heinous crimes of death.
Serial killers must pay.

I say I believe in life.
Easy to be judgmental, yes?
When it’s someone else’s life.
What if it were my life?

Can I be brave?
Awaiting death in agony.
Or will I plead?
And end my life now.

God is the Creator.
Our time of death,
only He knows.
Only His to take.

I believe this.
Life is sacred.
To kill is a mortal sin.
I sound righteous, pious.

But someone is suffering.
In constant agony.
I am not in their shoes.
How can I say it is wrong?

I am sorry for my stand.
But I cannot say otherwise.
I am afraid of my stand.
For I may fail under pressure.

I pray for God’s mercy.
That He not put me to the test.
I pray for God’s strength.
To endure even when I don’t understand.

By C.E. Pereira



I'm a Eurasian of Portuguese, English, Scottish and Malay heritage. And my extended family are of Chinese and Indian heritage. In recent years, the younger generation have added on to include spouses from the Philippines, Nigeria and Russia. My world is made up of different colours like the rainbow. And like the rainbow I am unique. Reading is my form of relaxation, to escape from the drudgery of daily life and enter into a world of the imagination. It is the love of reading that has led me to try my hand in writing short stories and poems. I hope that in some way my stories and poems will take you for a little while away from the drudgery of the present into the pages of imagination. To new friends found, I bid you, Welcome. Sincerely, C.E. Pereira

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