Is this discipline?

She stood tall today.
A badge pinned on her.
But little did she know,
soon it will be taken away.

A duty given her.
At recess to guard.
The hall out-of-bounds.
No pupil may enter.

It was recess time.
Hide and seek in play.
She joined the others.
Her duties forgotten.

A report was made.
Called up to answer.
Her head bowed in shame.
Her badge taken from her.

To add to her shame,
a punishment meted out.
To stand for one period
outside the Headmistress room.

Pupils stared at her.
Teachers pitied her.
News would be spreading.
Soon the whole school will know.

Harsh this may seem.
But discipline a must.
A lesson she has learned.
A repeat that won’t happen.

By C.E. Pereira


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