Oh No… Bunuh… UNO!

Seven cards dealt
One card faced up
Left of the dealer starts
Players follow instructions
Into the discard pile
Colours or numbers are played
Word cards the most feared
A muttered “Bunuh”
Reverse the direction
Luck can change
Left to right; right to left
Change a number
Skip a player
A turn missed
Oh! No. My Mum’s reaction
Change a colour
A Wild card for any colour
Draw two is mild
Compared to Draw four
Someone cast dagger looks
If looks could kill; Ha-ha
A last card in hand
A must to call out “UNO”
UNO becomes “Bunoh”
A kill with a Draw four
A reaction of “Oh! No!”
My Mum goes: Oh No…Bunoh…UNO!

(My Mum is 86-years-old and she loves this game of “UNO”. A game that keeps the mind stimulated and alert. Even with her failing eyesight she can see the bright colours and large numbers, except for the number “5” and letter “S” . )

By C.E. Pereira


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