Monsters under the bed

Did you check under the bed, Mommy?
Yes Honey I did.
No monsters hiding under your bed.
Good night Honey.

What about in the closet, Mommy?
No monsters hiding in your closet.
You sure, Mommy?
Honey, time to sleep. Close your eyes.

I’m not sleepy. Read me a story, Mommy.
No Honey. I’ve already read you two.
Just one more. Please, Mommy.
Good night Honey. Sweet dreams.

Eyes darting at each little sound.
A thud under the bed. Scratching heard.
Diving under the blanket, quivering.
What if it’s the monsters?

It seem like forever, then silence.
Peeping out from under the blanket.
Eyes darting again all over the room.
The monsters were scratching the window.

A loud scream from the little one.
The lights came on, Mommy is here.
The monsters disappear.
Just branches against the window.

By C.E. Pereira


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