Where are you my God?

The night is like a curtain
My tears remain hidden
In the stillness of night
Only God sees them

Awaiting sleep
I pour out my soul
In the silence of night
God is listening

Exhaustion; my body feels
Sleep comes yet restless
Into the land of dreams
My dreamscape in turmoil

The darkness is like a blanket
The quiet is screaming
Was that the hoot of an owl?
A white owl on the rooftop

The night has strange noises
Squeaks, rustles and howls
The wind rushes by, cold
A chill runs down my back

A light in the distance
I follow to a street corner
More lights beckon me
I am frantic, I follow

I arrive at the last light
Nothing but a dark void
My hand reach into my pocket
I clutch my rosary tightly

I remember my tears
My soul laid bare to God
Am I to take this last step
And fall into this dark void

I struggle, I am afraid
I feel lost and alone
Where are you my God?
Lead me out of here.

Church bells, my alarm
The dark is turning grey
My dreamscape is crumbling
Exhaustion returns, dawn is here.

By C.E. Pereira


3 thoughts on “Where are you my God?”

    1. Thank you for your touching comment. These moments are sometimes the most valuable as it teaches me to turn to God, to never stop searching for Him.


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