I am seeking


Are we ever satisfied?
We keep seeking for happiness.
For a little while we are content.
But material things tarnish.

I dreamed of big things.
Of houses, anything expensive.
To own them, to have possession.
This hasn’t brought me happiness.

I am one who is seeking.
So far nothing satisfies.
When I see it, I will know.
For what I seek hasn’t been found.

If what I seek isn’t in materials.
Will I find it in a rainbow?
Or the beauty of nature I see.
In my travels I am seeking.

From a sunrise to its setting.
The night sky filled with stars.
A marvel that cannot be duplicated.
I am in awe. Is this it?

Faces in the crowd.
Each one as different, as unique.
Portraits alive and vibrant.
Am I closer to what I seek?

I cannot hold on to it.
A struggle, some days I lose.
Anger looms, so does hatred.
I stop seeking, I’ll try tomorrow.

Home, my sanctuary.
My happy place, my comfort.
To rest my weary body.
Time away from seeking.

The books I have read.
Some once, others twice, or more.
From Genesis to Revelation, once.
I seek what’s in it again.

I probe deep inside me.
I hear the silence, peace enters.
A whisper of love, joy spreads.
Have I found what I seek?

By C.E. Pereira


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