You are familiar


Faces that have become familiar.
With names claimed as friends.
We have never met, never spoken.
Yet I miss you when you are silent.

A few of you at first popped in.
Your encouragement I treasured.
A smile lit up my face each time.
I saw your name in the queue.

Some, like me are faceless.
An icon used as replacement.
I am cautious, I am shy.
But you know me, I’m certain.

I wait for your sharing.
Be it a poem, photo or story.
Each one unique, not a copy.
Bits of life written firmly.

If I had known you before.
I would have called you my pen pal.
A correspondence by airmail.
Would have taken weeks for a reply.

What are we to each other?
You are so familiar, yet distance.
I recognise you, yet I don’t.
We connect, we share, I know you.

By C.E. Pereira


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