The trials of Misty

Misty: An angel when asleep.

A head poking into a handbag.
Pops out with something in mouth.
Eyes darting, off at a run.
Like the mist, the treasure hidden.

Misty, the smart little thief.
I’ve caught her in action.
Through my laughter, I scold.
She lets her treasure go.

Give her five minutes.
She’s off again searching.
Stuff on the table or in bags.
Nothing is safe if spotted.

I hear sounds from the kitchen.
The thief has struck again.
From the rack a spoon taken.
Paws like hockey sticks at play.

Up to mischief every second.
Lost items turn up tattered.
Covered with teeth marks.
It has Misty written all over.

Should I change her name?
From Misty to Mischief.
Or Mystic; Mischievous,
Not Mistake, as in adopting her.

Time out in the cage she gets.
She’s an angel when locked up.
Out of the cage a switched kitten.
The angel turned mischief.

By C.E. Pereira


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