Fat invasion


I was never over-weight.
Always on the skinny side.
Lanky and awkward growing up.
No fat padded my behind.

Now I have a weight issue.
The spare tyre has evolved.
Fat has invaded my body.
It crept up without me knowing.

Never had I to watch what I ate.
Whatever I ate never got stored.
Was that just a dream?
I cannot find my willpower.

My body is not burning off fat.
I am sluggish, short of breath.
More and more fat is stored.
A waist of 28 to a 36.

This fat invasion I hate.
From free size off the rack,
to searching for plus size.
Daggers at extra small ones.

Some say I am still lucky.
My weight is not obese yet.
Maybe so but I feel tired.
Lugging this extra luggage.

By C.E. Pereira


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