I dreamt a world with peace

Picture is from Galactic Free Press

Another world; I dreamt.
Bright and happy.
I felt my heart sing.
Can this be real?

A world with peace.
Harps sing with joy.
This is not my world.
There are no stains.

I toss and turn.
The pull of this world.
My heart in distress.
Being pulled two ways.

I cannot stay here.
A world too perfect.
Too happy; too bright.
My heart pleads to stay.

I choose to leave.
I wake up in my bed
It is dark and cold.
The dream is fading.

My heart breaks, I cry.
Something beautiful lost.
My reality different.
There are stains here.

A world not perfect.
The struggle for peace.
This is my reality.
This is where home is.

By C.E. Pereira


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